Implementing an Event

Click through the list of questions below during the implementation stage of your event.
Where relevant, questions are hyperlinked to resources or recommendations.

1. Have you confirmed that the technical support person has arrived?

The technical support person is one of the critical persons to have at an event as their contribution can make or break it, particularly for persons requiring accommodation or using assistive devices. Be sure you and all your team know who and where they are.

2. Have you reviewed the adequacy of the room / space allocations?

(This includes the spaces for the various services you've organized):
a) Breastfeeding
b) Child-minding
c) Prayer spaces
d) All gender washrooms
e) Food / Catering station
f) Assistive devices
g) Translation station
h) American Sign Language stage
i) Real Time Captioning screen
j) Counselling room

3.Have you checked in with your service providers?

Ensure they have everything they need to provide their services. This includes:
a) Adequacy of their service station
b) Location of the technician (introduce them to the technician!)
c) Latest versions of the agenda, speaking notes, presentations for the American Sign Language or Real Time Captioning service providers

4. Have you checked to see if the setup is accessible?

This includes:
a) Microphones and speakers are working and the sound is clear
b) People using assistive devices can access the audience space (E.g. have you tested automatic door openers, ensured aisles are wide enough, and angular walls are safety proofed?)
c) The lights are adjusted and work
d) The stage is accessible (if required)
e) The screens have been set up for optimal visibility
f) That cords or cables are not crossing aisles or pathways
g) Assistive listening devices are working
h) Copies of the presentation are at the registration table or in another clearly marked space

5. Have you put up the appropriate signage?

This includes:
a) Signs for Service Providers – translation, child-minding, American Sign Language, Real Time Captioning
b) Signs marking breastfeeding spaces, prayer spaces, all gender washrooms
c) Food ingredient lists
d) Name tags/T-shirts for counsellors, volunteers, and staff
e) Program distribution - noting breaks, lunch, content

6. Have you ensured that the food provided meets participant needs?

This includes:
a) All accommodation requests have been addressed
b) The food is nut free

7. Is registration set up?

a) Is there a sign up sheet to collect emails if sending out the evaluation form after the event?

If applicable:
b) Have you checked to see if subsidies and sliding scale tickets are at the door?
c) Have you ensured staff and volunteers understand the procedure for giving out subsidies and sliding scale tickets? Be sure they are well informed as to the procedure to giving out subsidies. The process of accessing the funds should be confidential and easy for the person making the request.

8. Have you made all the needed announcements?

9. Did you circulate and collect your evaluation form?

If you decided to circulate your evaluation form after the event to participants, be sure to make an announcement at the end of the event and mid-way through to ask people who didn't register in advance to visit registration and provide their email address for evaluation purposes.